Zen and the Art of Howling

Zen Rock Garden


           Coffee Shop Jitters

I went outside to howl at the moon
It wasn’t full, but it mattered not
Tomorrow may not exist for you or me
That’s why I watched you sip coffee
Your scone crumbled, fell into your cup
You heard me laugh, turned to spy me
We both blushed, retreated back inward
Seated by yourself, anticipation swooning
I adored every precise fidget you made
But alas, the moon sank behind clouds
Whatever you thought of me is true
That’s why I watched you fly away quietly


The air vibrated, shimmering in prism colors
Filaments, tiny strands of each color chased their tails
Thunderous sonic cracks ripped them apart, air shattered
I forgot to breathe while I glimpsed into darkness
Darkness so dense light failed to escape its embrace
My heart collapsed when you didn’t come through
I wanted to see you, to touch you, to take you back
Instead, I mourned shards of filaments about my feet

                        On Friendship

Friendship binds disparate proclamations
Spans the chasm between darkness and light
Elevates the heart into majestic blue skies
Nourishes the soul like infant and mother
Protects the spirit from the evil that men do
Extends love in times when there is none
Listens to unspoken words harboured inside
Fathoms deep secrets with unwavering trust
Toils the mind for growth and prosperity
Keeps a vigil watch during your final days
That’s friendship traversing the filaments of time 

                        You’re In My Tea

I waxed, I waned, I ascended
The mind complicates the journey tenfold
Stillness trumps the illusionary fall from grace
The empty spirit is a vessel for potentiality
Resonating to vibrations uninhibited by mindless chatter
It can not sear the mind shut if the path is true
Vestibules of truth collapses once coherence is lost
In this walk of life I see you in my cup of tea


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