Yet Another Fabulous Day in my world. Today I offer two strange encounters.

Banana was on the menu for someone, and I discovered the evidence. I didn’t witness the crime, only the carnage left behind by someone who harbors disrespect for civility. Perhaps this person trained to rebel the establishment, committing acts of civil disobedience. A trash can stood at the ready a few meters from the crime scene, but this person decided to showcase their irreverence towards community.

“Yes,” you’re quite correct.

Later, another store, another parking lot, another object of interest halted my stride. I walked closer towards the fist-sized clump as I scanned the immediate area for suspicious behavior. Close inspection revealed a matted clump of animal fur. The tiny whitish spot in the upper right moved with determination to explore its surroundings. I passed over closer examination to avoid questions from the curious. I retreated to the baked goods aisle where I established a presence in the pastry section. The fur incident, far away in my mind, couldn’t compete with the fresh danish plate before me.