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Reading, rucking, and observing fuel my mind for writing. I read broadly yet unearth deposits that demand excavations in depth to satiate my curiosity. Rucking through nature exercises my body, mind, and spirit, strengthening me to overcome obstacles that interfere with achieving my objective. Observing creatures, from insects to humans, presents me with opportunities to appreciate the mysteries and astonishment of pursuing the meaning of life. I engage these activities to replenish my mind with knowledge and experiences, and establishing the connections between the two provides me with clarity and understanding that enhances my life.

Writing is a platform that allows me to document and share my encounters of nature and people with folk who may be on journeys that resemble mine, or find what I write of interest. Writing is therapy for the health of my mind, encouraging me to evolve as a member of humanity, to derive sustenance from the things belittled by an observation made in haste by the majority. The laying down of words into a pattern of coherency builds a foundation on which knowledge and experience can be connected to visualize the meaning and significance of an idea. The act of writing compels me to tap into a reservoir brimming with the elements and precursors of conception and postulation.

Whatever I read, wherever I go rucking, and whatever I observe, the activities fire up my urge to write, and while in the act, it validates my existence.