I was a quiet, inquisitive child in elementary school. I often was too insecure or uncomfortable to ask questions in the classroom for fear of appearing stupid, so I would claim one of the back row desks for the academic year. I did little to blend in with other students, but would keep a keen eye trained on the behaviors of my fellow classmates. I can’t say I had a friend, a buddy to hang out with during recess. I’d walk alone underneath corrugated steel hallways and observe school life as it was in Cupertino, California, circa 1965.

I toiled over raised data center floors for nearly thirty years, but now dig for memories buried deep within my subconscious where unanswered questions continue to haunt me. I’ve been known to: howl under full moons; transform various objects into other things; and scribe words that hopefully forms imagery in other minds.

Does the world need another blog, perhaps one masquerading as memoir? I think so if it informs, entertains, and delivers the truth. Whatever this is, it is what it is, and I’m content with that.

Thanks for visiting, explore where your whims may take you, and please don’t let shyness deter you—drop me a line here.