Sonic Screwdriver

When I was a journeyman machinist working for a defense contractor, I made a variety of precision parts for early cruise missile systems and surveillance satellites. Back then my fantasy was to become a model maker for a Hollywood production company, however my journey took me in another direction, but I’m still fascinated by movie props and models. The Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver is no exception. I want one. Sure enough, there are toy reproductions of the iconic sonic screwdriver (aka Sonic Wand), but I pine for one that is functional and cool looking, therefore, I intend to build one.

Doctor Who's (12th) Sonic Screwdriver

Based on reviewing available plans and adding additional nerdy goodness to the final build, I estimate a better part of a year for this project, as I have other projects in medias res, so a few hours per week is what I anticipate for a work schedule.

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Extended

I’m going to have fun designing and building a working prototype because it will incorporate several disciplines: designing, machining, electronics, and programming. What will this contraption do? Stay tuned for future updates.