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Kenny Harrison

Dispatches from Fishhawk Lake

I Moved My Cheese

I don’t detest suburbia; instead, I loathe the machinations generated by the general population: noise pollution, the neutering of civility, and behaviors undermining fundamental, human decencies. To save my sanity, I moved my cheese into the woods. Now what?

Keeping Warm

How I Became a Full-Time Lake Dweller

I’d deliberated on the pros and cons of moving my cheese into the woods, considering the rurality and remoteness of the Birkenfeld-Mist-Jewell communities nestled on the eastern slopes of the Northern Oregon Coastal Range. I decided to move to the lake when an opportunity arose, unexpectedly, to sell my house in the city.  The lake presented an ecosystem to facilitate the process I had chosen for healing myself.

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Latest Dispatches

First Ruck at the Lake

First Ruck at the Lake

I went on a ruck, the first since having moved my cheese into the woods. Unpacking, organizing, and making a nest continues, but the forest called out to me, and I answered by putting boots on the ground. My decision to take a hiking pole paid off during ascents and...

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