Musical Journey

Lord of Discipline December 16, 2014

Alexandra, my friend from the “Frozen North,” imparted to me kindly words to ponder by way of comments to my post Needed: A Lord of Discipline, and she was spot on to predict that I might be totally surprised by my ruminations. In this 2012 post, I posited that it’s the musical… Read more

Needed: A Lord of Discipline December 9, 2014

I may be living my dream of playing guitar, but once in a while a little nightmare awakens me, rudely reminding me that a viable approach to improving my musical performance and guitar technique must be directly dependent on discipline and the rigors of deliberate practice. There is no other… Read more

Inspiration & Discipline March 25, 2014

Raised in a way that engendered my curious temperament, I’ve felt compelled to tear things apart since I was old enough to hold my dad’s tools and get my hands dirty. Occasionally, I find myself in the shop with something on the bench to dismantle, sorting the parts into bins,… Read more

In Search of Tone: Part III November 18, 2013

I last visited tone in this post here, but now that I’ve recently pulled the trigger on an Axe-FX II (a preamp/FX processor designed and built in America by Fractal Audio Systems) I find myself pleasantly absorbed by tonal nirvana. Once in a great while there comes a technology product… Read more

Managing Expectations October 3, 2013

When I was contemplating rejoining a musical journey that I had left behind in my youth, I was really apprehensive about learning guitar because of age-related issues as an older adult. I suppose a given age, young or old, is a relative measurement. If you’re sixteen, then thirty may seem… Read more

In Search of Tone: Part II September 26, 2013

I last visited tone in this post here, but now three pedals later in my signal chain—clean boost, distortion and compressor—I’ve still not satiated my quest for tone. My amp puts out very clean tone from my guitars and they all sound great when I want to play clean, but… Read more

Some Say I’m Crazy September 19, 2013

I’ve been told more than what I can count on one hand that I’m crazy for devoting the rest of my life to making a musical journey. I was furloughed from an IT career after 30 years in the industry, my dad was bedridden from a brainstem stroke, and my… Read more

Persistence: A Stubborn Attitude January 22, 2013

I played violin and studied music as a young boy, and last year began practicing guitar and resuming my studies in music a month short of my 57th birthday. It is from that perspective from which I ruminate and chronicle my musical journey. Thoughts, feelings, and ideas meander without purpose… Read more

In Search of Tone: Part I December 21, 2012

Tone is the Holy Grail of every guitarist, and I’m discovering that finding your own unique sound, voice, or tone is a right of passage for the guitarist. Acoustic or electric, every guitar exhibits a natural tone. Construction technique and materials contribute to the natural tone of the instrument, its… Read more