Music is Universal

Photo: NHK

I’m half Japanese and enjoy watching TV programming from Japan, especially musical variety shows and dramas with good soundtracks. While I won’t say I’m fluent in Japanese, I do understand enough to grasp the meaning of the scene, but it’s the soundtrack that really helps tie it all together for me. I believe you don’t need to understand the language to appreciate the music, after all isn’t music a universal language? One drama was especially compelling to watch because the soundtrack featured a song written and sung by the lovely songwriter Priscilla Ahn. The drama Soko Wo Nantoka (Please Do Something) is about a young woman who enters the legal profession and learns about life through the trials and struggles of her often poor clients. Priscilla Ahn’s song, “I’ll Be Here,” provides the thematic emotion during the tough scenes of personal and professional distress when the heroine is faced with clients who have reached the bottom of their turmoil. It’s a beautiful song and is musically expressive in form and technique. Cheers. 


    • Kenny Harrison says:

      Priscilla has lovely tone and a beautifully expressive voice. I think you’re spot on—an “Asian Enya.”

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