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I don’t mind investing massive amounts of time and energy, and expending additional resources, if in the end, the result either benefits me and/or others. I avoid taking the path of least resistance, the easy way out; instead, I take the road least traveled. I live according to rules that I’ve established to prepare and guide me through the perils of bullshit that permeates the general population and obfuscates reality. I’ve learned to thrive in spite of limited means and resources by embracing a life of discipline. Surviving is insufficient to me, and I’d sooner do what is necessary to thrive in my current environment than accept mediocrity. It’s taken me more than 60-something years to realize that by engaging a disciplined approach to life, I can overcome obstacles that impede my path to freedom. I’ve equipped myself with tools to fight oppression and neutralize negativity in my life. Bad shit happens in life, and how we respond to it governs the outcome. Thriving doesn’t imply a lack of struggle and hardships, but it does require discipline to achieve. In that respect, indeed, one faces struggles and difficulties as a result of accepting discipline as a means to thrive. Sitting under a tree alone at night in the woods, scared shitless and hungry, is all about surviving the night and seeing the sunrise in the morning. Constructing a shelter, making a fire, locating water, foraging for food may tempt you to spend another night in the woods because you’ve learned how to thrive by making the best of the current situation. Catching a fish every day to feed yourself is an act of survival. Building a trap to catch multiple fish at a time is thriving; it frees up time so you can perhaps make a permanent structure or figure out how to trap animals. I choose to thrive.