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Death, discipline, and drive. I’m not ready for Death Vader to snatch me, I embrace structure and creed because it illuminates the path to freedom, and I believe settling on being driven is an example of mediocrity. I’ve done my time working and living among the general population, and it’s time for me to move forward in life. Living with complacency on my back is an inferior form of retirement, and I don’t consider it living life with adventure and excitement. If I’m weak and frail, then experience has already left me behind, and Death Vader can take me. To die in retirement without having lived and sucked out every gram of its bone marrow is a damn shame. I refuse to coast down the path of least resistance.

To take the high road, the one least traveled, the one the general population avoids because it’s too hard, is the one you’ll find me on, and it requires discipline—the backbone of my life. Without rules and a regime in my approach to life, I fail to reap its benefits of experience in all its glory, beauty, and majesty, and to settle for less is to accept mediocrity. The body, mind, and spirit require self-command to extract the maximum that life has to offer. Train the body, and the mind will follow it, govern the mind, and the spirit will avail itself of the astonishment of the Universe.

Having the drive to accomplish goals in life is not enough for me. When the drive is depleted of its run, and the goal remains out in front, what follows? Look for motivation? No, hell, no! Instead of being driven, I prefer to create momentum, to ignite a fire under my ass, to initiate an action that forces me to respond in kind, propelling me to achieve another milestone. When I provoke a catalyst in which momentum compels me to take action, I enter a state of self-command, I’ve empowered myself to take the helm of my destiny. I hunt for the extraordinariness in life, and to bag my quarry, I apply the laws of momentum.

Death is unbecoming for me, discipline is my faithful mentor, and I’ve replaced having the drive with momentum. Make it so!