Just Because

A Night on the Beach
Darkness but no stars tonight
Rocks bathed under crashing waves
Buoy lights flicker in faintness
Still air freezes the coolness
My heart slows breath by breath
My eyes close in night’s abyss
Her gaze taunts upon my chest

Just Because
Mountain top beneath me I sing
Songs you can not hear tonight
Words flutter like ravens in flight
Until you catch them in morning’s light

Highland Fog
Fog, peat, thunder, dank is the air
I stand alone under Her grace
Dare I face all that has come before me
All I ever wanted was Her peace of mind
To last again one Highland night
I fear not the defeat of my Muse
Blood stains these Highlands still
Clad and armed with brothers in arms
I miss those years in my old soul
Battle cries call to me from beyond
I void my present day for inceptive ones
My old bones violated by modern flesh
Rejoined with Her I impatiently wait

mighty they once were
tired old trees
their broken limbs stuck in mud
graveyard of trees
silent is the air
back into the earth they go
souls now
bodies no more
saddened they are
those still standing tall

Twigs and Tea
I am a twig on two lands divided
Caught between two distant winds of life
The spirit of the red circle on white
Like blood on silk its way is honor
This Eastern wind negotiates swiftly
Before one eyelash can touch the other
The sword’s point rests upon your nose
Blink again—your intestines have left you
When the twig breaks in two
I shall drink some tea