Photo: Stephanie Ward, Benedetto Guitars. Bravo Deluxe Custom.

Why do this? That’s a very good question. I’ll attempt to answer the question in good faith. 

I love to day dream about strange situations, mysterious people and undiscovered realities. Like an accomplished character actor, I savor the challenge of assuming different roles in life, living with the voices in my head, listening to their stories unravel and spill onto a blank page. I write about the character of humanity as a seeker, a journeyman on a quest for truth and self-awareness. Writing releases the pent up swirling chaos inside my head and motivates me to search for cracks in the air, where new realities avail themselves to a curious mind.

After I leave the writing desk for the day, I play guitar and study music. My practice room is my meditation hall, a sacred place of musical spiritualism and discipline, a sanctuary where I can express myself where words and imagery may not suffice.

Thanks for visiting, explore where your whims may take you, and please don’t let shyness deter you—drop me a line here.