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"At" Symbol and Ones and Zeros

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Big Bro

Privacy is a hot topic, unless you’ve been sequestered from worldly concerns since Edward Snowden made his global debut as a leaker of classified documents. Our meta data is hanging out there in the breeze for all to see like underwear on a backyard clothes line. There are many paths that lead to an individual’s…

Barber Shop in Richardson, Texas (circa 1920). Image: Wikimedia

Getting Buzzed

I absolutely shutter when I visualize three or four mature gentlemen, sitting on a park bench, flicking peanuts at tree rats, recounting their glory days of virility and accomplishment. Fortunately for me, my friends live in other towns and states, so it’s unlikely I’d become a willing participant in the aforementioned visual. Second to my…

American Flag. Image: Wikimedia

I Don’t Need No Stinking Race Card

I’m half Japanese, half caucasian, and was born in Tokyo, Japan. I grew up in America, attended American schools, and my home life was a cultural mixture of Japanese food and customs blended with Americanisms derived from my father’s German and English roots. My mother was Beethoven and my father was Hank Williams. While my…

Forest Fog

Just Because

A Night on the Beach Darkness but no stars tonight Rocks bathed under crashing waves Buoy lights flicker in faintness Still air freezes the coolness My heart slows breath by breath My eyes close in night’s abyss Her gaze taunts upon my chest Just Because Mountain top beneath me I sing Songs you can not…


The Knighting

Ancient redwoods stand tall like stoic guards defending the tomb of an Unknown Warrior. Blue moon light, diffused under the protective canopy of the redwood giants, illuminated the amphitheater. Birds, gentle little ones that sing morning duets and those with ruthless talons for prey; furry creatures, ones that scurry on little feet and those with…

Temple of the Golden Pavilion

Inspiration & Discipline

Raised in a way that engendered my curious temperament, I’ve felt compelled to tear things apart since I was old enough to hold my dad’s tools and get my hands dirty. Occasionally, I find myself in the shop with something on the bench to dismantle, sorting the parts into bins, trays, and plastic shoeboxes. I…

Gibson CS-356

Resources v1.1

Though what I write about here is guitar centric, I attempt to present aspects of my journey that may be of interest to those who, like me, are pursuing music late in life. With that in mind, whether you’re early or late to the musical scene, I’ve corralled books, hardware, software, and links into a…

My New Ride

We’re not Grumpy Old Men

I don’t know about other mature gentlemen, but I stay up until the wee hours of the morning, like 2am or later. Staying up late naturally synchronizes my biorhythms, which is very important to my musical journey. When I’m programming, wrangling words, or playing guitar, I’m most productive and creative during the hours when werewolves,…

JS Bach. Image: Wikimedia

A Good Day for Practice

Today is a particularly good day to stay inside, practicing scales and honing a few pieces from The Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, and finishing it all off with a pint or two of Oatmeal Stout.  

Colossus Mark 2: Wikimedia Commons

Ruminations on Programming

I caught the programming bug after watching the 1970 thriller film Colossus: The Forbin Project. My first programming language course was FORTRAN (circa 1973). I wrote my programs in longhand, typed them out on card decks on a keypunch machine, and loaded them into the card hopper/reader for transmission to the mainframe or to the…


In Search of Tone: Part III

I last visited tone in this post here, but now that I’ve recently pulled the trigger on an Axe-FX II (a preamp/FX processor designed and built in America by Fractal Audio Systems) I find myself pleasantly absorbed by tonal nirvana. Once in a great while there comes a technology product that truly delivers on its…

Resources Collage


Update: A newer version was posted on March 17, 2014 here. Though what I write about here is guitar centric with a bias towards chronicling my musical journey as my vocational finale in life (30 years of IT was enough), I attempt to present aspects of my journey that may be of interest to those…