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It’s a Gene Pool Thing, a Personal Essay

Death doesn’t discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, age or religion; only humans discriminate against other human beings. Humankind possesses a propensity for identifying distinctions among people, classifying and sorting them into categories, and then—utilizing the power of hatred, fueled by fear and ignorance—they organize and equip themselves to either exclude or eradicate those who are different. Committing acts of violence, carnage and genocide is a human trait; it’s incorporated into our gene pool and, like it or not, it’s a human thing. Read more

Image: Wikimedia Commons, Operation Crossroads.

The Voynich Manuscript

Nothing perks up my curiosity more than an unsolved mystery that has eluded historians, linguists and cryptologists  since the first code breakers from both World War I and World War II failed to decipher the cryptic Voynich Manuscript. I first became acquainted with the mysterious codex during a 50-minute 2010 documentary film produced by ORF Studio and directed by Klaus T. Steindl and Andreas Sulzer, The Voynich Manuscript – The World’s Most Mysterious Manuscript. Read more

Voynich Manuscript