Zen and the Art of Howling

                   Coffee Shop Jitters   I went outside to howl at the moon It wasn’t full, but it mattered not Tomorrow may not exist for you or me That’s why I watched you sip coffee Your scone crumbled, fell into your cup You heard me laugh, turned…

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Two Chairs on Beach

Lord of Discipline

Alexandra, my friend from the “Frozen North,” imparted to me kindly words to ponder by way of comments to my post Needed: A Lord of Discipline, and she was spot on to predict that I might be totally surprised by my ruminations. In this 2012 post, I posited that it’s the musical journey that matters to me—not…

Photo: Kenny Harrison

Needed: A Lord of Discipline

I may be living my dream of playing guitar, but once in a while a little nightmare awakens me, rudely reminding me that a viable approach to improving my musical performance and guitar technique must be directly dependent on discipline and the rigors of deliberate practice. There is no other way to progress beyond mediocrity…

Old Tire

Walkabouts Volume 1

Walking around within a one-square mile of where I live, I’m always finding something to shoot as I document my walkabouts. This collection represents some of my favorite shots of my local patch, and it’s something of an experiment for me and hopefully future installments will improve over time.


A big city dream

I had a dream where I was walking up and down big city streets, looking for something or someone, though it was not a US city. I don’t have the skills to draw the imagery, so I arranged this soundscape in GarageBand to describe what I had heard in the background as I was darting…

Photo: NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope

The dream still lives

I’ve been a Star Trek fan ever since having watched the original series as they were broadcast over the airwaves and received on our Zenith color TV. I was not mature enough at the time to draw comparisons between the Star Trek story universe and what was happening in the real world of the late…


For those of us who wander

For those of us who wander, we’re not lost but are on a journey of exploration. I want to know what’s out there, I want to see in my lifetime that life exists elsewhere, and I want to understand the mysteries of the Universe.   Wanderers – a short film by Erik Wernquist from Erik…